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Tue, Nov 7 2023

It was a Friday, 20th October 2023, an interesting day because different professionals came like an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, and an accountant. We had a general assembly later some of us went to the main hall for the professionals to talk to us about being successful like them. The engineer spoke first and he told us of the requirements needed for example a reflector, tape measure, heavy shoes, and so many others. He also said that took engineer studies for four years to become one, secondly was the website developer who said a web developer is a person who forms webs like he formed the Dade website. The lawyer spoke third she said that being a lawyer you have to speak the truth then the doctor came in the fourth place and she spoke about pharmacists and how they make medicine. The last speaker was the accountant who said that mathematics is the most important subject when doing her work though other subjects are needed. I want to become an engineer in the future.
 Keine Pearl Karumuna, Primary 5

The professional day at our school was very funny. It took place at Dade Nursery and Primary School allowing children to dress up in the professions they want to be. The professional day was very nice because I got a chance to show my profession. My dream is to become a doctor and treat the sick; I am inspired to be one because I don’t like seeing people crying for their family members and friends when they die of any illness. On that day, trained professionals came and taught us how to become and the subjects we need to focus on to be one. Children dressed as doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, pilots, and more. I was a doctor on that day I learned that I needed to work hard and focus on my studies. Doctor Martha was one of the professionals who came she was dressed in a white lab coat, she told a few pupils that the lab coat was to protect them from getting infected with germs. So many things were introduced to us and I loved to see them. I saw how lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, and more dress up. It was so interesting I love to learn more and more. It was a day of joy and happiness for all pupils. How I love Dade nursery and Primary School!
Shamirah Musa, Primary 5

On the professional day I was dressed as an engineer and my friend as well. We entered the main hall and they told us about our professions and what we wanted to become though I was not happy that the police officer didn’t make it, I had questions for him and in the future, I want to become a civil engineer and I thank my school Dade nursery and primary school for making this day for us.
Ssemugabi Ryan, Primary 5

This is the day that will be remembered in Dade forever. The professional day is a day where every student dresses up according to what they want to become in the future. Pupils dressed up and came to school and got to know what it takes to be their profession and how long it takes. Different professionals left their places of work to come and see us on that day that is to say Madam Helen, Doctor Martha, and others. We are very grateful to the school and the professionals for what they taught us. All in all, I learned so much that day. 
Kemigisa Nimiah Precious, Primary 5