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Fri, Jul 28 2023

The Modern Era Production was an extraordinary event that left a lasting impact on both our pupils and their parents. It served as a reminder of how social media has gradually taken a significant portion of our attention, leading parents and children alike to neglect the true essence of quality time.

The event unfolded as a captivating afternoon, offering a diverse array of performances and insightful presentations. Traditional dances from both Eastern and Western cultures graced the stage, celebrating the rich heritage of our nation. An introduction from the Central Part of Uganda provided a window into the vibrant customs and practices of our ancestors, fostering a deeper appreciation for our roots.

The thought-provoking talk show segment engaged the audience in listening to meaningful conversations about kidnapping of children. This entailed our pupils showcasing how different political leaders address certain situations. 

The event also featured a dynamic mix of modern music, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary expression. There was also a highlight of the different dress codes of the Baganda right from wearing leaves to modern clothing.

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